Another year ends by johnsutton

Another year ends

I was going to pick my favourite picture from each of my last 12 months, but as the first two months were cloud pictures I decided to just pick the favourite cloud pictures from each month.

This year has been a struggle and I've bent my own rules to get a picture a day. Note to self - must do better.

I've signed up and paid so you unlucky people are stuck with me for another year.
Well done on another year John! That’s a lovely collage!
August 22nd, 2019  
Congratulations mate. See you for the next year, because I’ve got to suffer mine as well.

I was in 405 this afternoon handing back my laptop; unlikely that I’ll be returning. But, to misquote the title of a James Bond film, “never say never”.
August 22nd, 2019  
Lovely collection, I haven't managed to complete a whole month since March.
August 22nd, 2019  
Congratulations! And fabulous collage. Fav
August 23rd, 2019  
@carole_sandford Thank you Carole and thank you for all your kind comments through the year 🙂
@phil_sandford Thank you Phil. I have been wondering whats happening with you, sorry I missed you, but if you're ever in this neck of the woods drop me an IM and perhaps we can grab a coffee and have a chat. All the very best for the future 🙂
@fbailey Thank you. Some times it really is a struggle, but hang in there it's a good focus 🙂
@paintdipper Thank you Junan much appreciated 🙂
August 23rd, 2019  
Beautiful collage
August 24th, 2019  
@bkbinthecity Thank you Brian much appreciated ☺
August 24th, 2019  
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