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I’m currently taking some time out from work to decide where my next adventure will take me. Conscious of how fast time flies and how one day can drift mindlessly into another, I was keen to celebrate each day of my temporary freedom so I started this project to catalogue my daily experiences and to make me more mindful about how I spend this precious time.

I have always had an interest in all things creative and have inherited a love of photography from my hugely talented (but very complicated) father. Having indulged this passion many years ago whilst studying for my teaching degree, I have intermittently picked up my camera but have had very little spare time to devote to it - or that has been my excuse, anyway. With instant access to a high quality, highly portable camera via my mobile phone that fits neatly into the back pocket of my jeans and amazing free image editing applications, I ran out of excuses!

I am really lucky to live in the county of Sussex, an area of outstanding beauty that I love to explore on foot with my loyal companion and precious family member, Olli, the three year old King Charles cavalier who is very photogenic and can be seen in my profile photograph. I am privileged to live in the vibrant and historic town of Brighton and take much of my inspiration from the amazing sights and sounds of this fantastic city.

I hope you enjoy my images and I look forward to seeing yours….