Keeping looking

For the 52 week challenge ( We were to use leading lines to tell a story. Window shopping is a fading art in our society because of the internet that we all love and cherish not to mention that you can never find a stupid parking spot downtown.
Nice editing and story telling. A sad yet inevitable reflection of the times I think.
posted April 20th, 2017  
Great shot for the challenge
posted April 20th, 2017  
Nice street shot, and what you are saying about window shopping is so true, a fading art indeed.
posted April 20th, 2017  
The reflection adds a nice punch.
posted April 21st, 2017  
nice street shot
posted April 21st, 2017  
He's turning his back to it all... Great storytelling
posted April 21st, 2017  
A great angle and reflections.
posted April 22nd, 2017  
@stephanies Thank you so very much for the fav and your patience with not responding sooner. Our city is now going to change the parking rules too, so now you get to pay for the opportunity at a kiosk in order to find a spot. I don't get the thought process. I say just tear down city hall and put in a parking garage.

@octogenarian Slowing down to look at windows is also a challenge for most. We are always on our way to somewhere ever so important.:):)

@taffy Thank you, the guy walking away was an extra bonus.

@pusspup Thank you very much, the downtown is a good place before noon-great shadows.

@domenicododaro Thank you a great deal. I was worried that he would turn around and say something.

@365projectorgjenfurj Thank you so much. I should make a point to go downtown more but they are changing parking rules in order to make it more difficult to go there:):)
posted April 26th, 2017  
@joysabin that's it! Keep all the locals out so no one buys anything, the shops close, the town dies!!!
posted April 26th, 2017  
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