Gotta get something done no2

Kaleidacam app saves me again. This is the face of my Grandfather's clock.
Hope you are starting to ease? Love this - a great kaleidoscope!
posted August 29th, 2017  
Great choice! Love this shot!
posted August 29th, 2017  
Am a sucker for clocks, so this is a no brainer fav from me. Have just received spare parts to repair my 2 model clocks.
posted August 29th, 2017  
Cool concept!
posted August 30th, 2017  
Great choice for that kind of shot! Great 😊
posted August 30th, 2017  
Neat processing!
posted August 30th, 2017  
Well done.
posted August 30th, 2017  
I think Ill have to invest in this app!
posted August 30th, 2017  
@megpicatilly Thank you, I am beginning to ease but this getting old stuff is for the birds. Maybe someday I will acquire patience. :):)

@domenicododaro Thank you so much, I have struggled with an image of this clock for a while. This app is giving me all sorts of ideas that I might try with my DSLR.

@s4sayer Thank you so kindly for the fav, I have a huge soft spot too for all analog clocks. I think that the cadence of their sound is just so very soothing. I must admit that this beauty isn't running at present, we need to get one of its weights fixed- the hook broke.I need to find a metal shop to re-solder it. Have fun and good luck with your model clocks.

@joemuli Thank you so much, this app is fun to play with but doesn't allow much control over the image. Still a huge amount of fun though.

@jclaireyp Thank you kindly, I have been stymied with how to capture it. I might just do it in stages or something, not sure.

@eudora You are so very kind, thank you for the fav. I really do like this app- it is very trippy to play around with.

@haskar Thank you so very much, I am amazed how much fun this app is.

@365projectorgjenfurj This app (I got mine from iTunes but android should have one as well) is a great deal of fun, it was free too! I find that the image changes so fast that I wish I had a tad more control. The images could be printed in B&W and used like those fancy adult coloring books being sold lately.
posted August 30th, 2017  
Fantastic processing, I've never tried this app but looking at your example of what it can do makes me lean toward using it. Great inspiration!
posted August 30th, 2017  
@brett101 Thank you so much, the app is one of those fall backs and go tos when you have nothing else. Highly recommend it.
posted August 30th, 2017  
It's a terrific abstract.
posted August 30th, 2017  
posted August 30th, 2017  
Very this one. Fav.
posted September 13th, 2017  
Ooooooo...nice one! That app is so much fun, isn't it?
posted September 16th, 2017  
@taffy @overalvandaan Please forgive the really late response. I have to give @mcsiegle all the praise, she did a wonderful series using the kaleidacam app. Weirdness rules!!!!

@gardenfolk Thank you so much for the fav. The app is a world of fun, give it a try.

@mcsiegle I so enjoyed your series using the app. It is a HUGE amount of strangeness and FUN! This is what I love about this 365 community, I learn the most amazing things, technical and otherwise.
posted September 17th, 2017  
cool shot
posted October 22nd, 2017  
@caitnessa Thank you, try the app if you can.
posted October 22nd, 2017  
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