MFAA by joysabin


My favorite alley again.

A 2fer, Dogwood challenge and POM2019 both had themes of 'hometown'.
cool alley there
March 9th, 2019  
Very Cool Fav!!!
March 9th, 2019  
Neat composition. Very moody.
March 9th, 2019  
Cool - what a great find
March 9th, 2019  
March 9th, 2019  
March 9th, 2019  
Love the dark moody feel.
March 10th, 2019  
This is the cool place and love the glittering sunglasses too.
March 11th, 2019  
Cool! Definitely one of the better selfies on 365! Fav
March 11th, 2019  
@shannejw I check on it every now and then, the art hasn't changed for a while but it is so strong every time that it does.

@moviegal1 You are so very kind, thank you greatly for the fav. Many of the alleys in the old historic downtown have such cool art.

@jernst1779 Thank you so much, I am still a bit hesitant about doing selfies, hence the sunglasses.

@samae This alley has always had a strong ethnic vibe which is so very amazing.

@tstb13 Thank you so very much.

@alannascanlon Thank you, the doing of weekly selfies for the whole year is good for me and I am learning things along the way.

@golftragic Gotta love sunglasses and a shady alley. This selfies project is fun but I still am coming to grip with it all too.

@yaorenliu Thank you, I found this alley and it just grabbed me with the ethnic grunge on one side and the Flagstaff Symphony office on the other.

@yrhenwr You are so very kind, truly grateful for the fav too. Selfies in general still scare me but I am learning to go with the flow.
March 16th, 2019  
March 16th, 2019  
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