Ruby Frost by joysabin

Ruby Frost

A Monday attempt at Dogwood- not quite there. Needed: more coffee, maybe but, should really read the complete set of instructions which is a common flaw for me. We were to fill the frame (check) but with one color (no check). I haven't eaten this beauty yet so will try again.

I learned that this is a fairly new variety of apple, a Ruby Frost. ( )
Green center may break the rules but it does IMO add to the shot. To heck with rules anyway.
March 11th, 2019  
I love the POV on this one. Fav.
March 11th, 2019  
Inviting though!
March 11th, 2019  
Exception that proves the rule?! Worthy fav.
March 11th, 2019  
Love your pov
March 11th, 2019  
March 11th, 2019  
wonderful shot and details - makes a fantastic image
March 11th, 2019  
May not be according to the rules, but it's a great shot. I've never heard of a Ruby Frost apple, but I'll look for them.
March 11th, 2019  
Nice close up! I like the shine your captured.
March 11th, 2019  
Fab macro, great effect.
March 12th, 2019  
still full of life.
March 12th, 2019  
Wonderful macro!
March 12th, 2019  
Great close up.
March 13th, 2019  
Fab closeup! fav.
March 14th, 2019  
@gardencat Here, here for independence. This shiny apple in the bin at the store seemed almost perfect, tasted good too, tart but not too much.

@dfarrington Thank you so kindly for the fav.

@caddick Tasty too, I have to get some more.

@s4sayer Completely grateful for the fav, rules smules anyway.

@tstb13 Thank you so much.

@lsquared Thank you, these are very tasty too.

@shannejw Truly appreciative of the fav, thank you kindly.

@eudora The beauty of this challenge is there may be rules but no judges :):). Most definitely recommend these, tasty might even make a good pie or apple crisp.

@kwind Thank you so much, I did shine it, felt almost nostalgic doing that too.

@golftragic Thank you so very much. Working with extension tubes is fun.

@yaorenliu What a nice thing to say, thank you so much.

@jernst1779 Very grateful for the fav, thank you so much.

@haskar Thank you so kindly, I am very grateful for the fav.

@gardenfolk Very appreciative of the fav.
March 16th, 2019  
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