More Fun???? by joysabin

More Fun????

A 2nd storm brought more snow which really doesn't bother me, its the wind that gets me. It is averaging 22 mph all day. A walk with the pup is probably off too.

So with this weather I'll stay inside and catch up on my comments which we all know are sorely behind.
looks like the North Pole
March 13th, 2019  
@kali66 Nah, just the street before the plow which hasn't shown up and may not. The amount of snow that 'requires' a plow by the city keeps changing.
March 13th, 2019  
Doesn’t look too appealing out there.
March 13th, 2019  
Brrr stay inside is the best you could do
March 13th, 2019  
Does look like a good idea to stay inside
March 13th, 2019  
that looks so snowy - amazing colours
March 13th, 2019  
Beautiful layers of color.
March 13th, 2019  
Did your state experience or miss the "bomb cyclone"? I forget what state you are in? They had category 2 winds! Yikes!
March 14th, 2019  
Fabulous effect with the the streaks of colour.
March 14th, 2019  
OMG, that is a very windy sky. Haven't seen one like that.
March 14th, 2019  
Beautiful play with shadows. Stay inside!
March 14th, 2019  
Love the layers. Brrrrr.
March 14th, 2019  
@gardencat Winters in Flagstaff are 'fun'. I have never been a fan of wind. I did get to take the dog for a couple of short walks but I looked like the Michelin Tire guy, all layered up.
@tstb13 Under lots of blankets too.
@samae I don't usually chicken out but today is the day to try.
@shannejw Thank you, the sun just peaked through and only a few cars had made tracks.
@henrir Thank you so much.
@gardenfolk We got lucky, only 22mph but poor Denver had 80mph gusts. I did sneak out for a short walk but one gust did try its best but stayed on my feet.
@robz I guess I should be grateful that the plow didn't show up. The wind seemed to keep people inside. I stuck my camera through the blinds, too chicken to step outside.
@golftragic Wind is my least favorite thing. The desert can really kick up its heels when it wants.
@haskar Grateful for the fav, inside with hot coco and a warm blanket is the only place to be.
@jernst1779 Thank you so much. I won't complain, Denver got 80mph winds and whiteout conditions.
March 15th, 2019  
Oh yes, I'm more accustomed to hot desert conditions but know only too well what you mean.
March 16th, 2019  
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