Scouting  by joysabin


Out scouting and double checking things for a shot that I may or may not get. Tomorrow is the last super moon of the year so off to "my" meadow (Kendrick Peak Park) to get my spot chosen and mapped with the compass. I am trying to get the moonset not rise. If this happens, rain and clouds are a concern, I will be up and out at 4:45am. I really wanted to get the moonset at the Grand Canyon but that is 2 hours away so, not this time. I really need to spend the night there when I try for this shot. Anyway, If things fall in my favor, I will post what I get tomorrow.
I love the subtlety and tones - good luck with your moon shot :)
March 20th, 2019  
ditto to that
March 20th, 2019  
I just love the tones and softness of this - it's quite magical.
March 20th, 2019  
Love the moody tones in this shot, reminds me of an old oil painting.
March 20th, 2019  
Good luck. This is stunning
March 20th, 2019  
great shot and processing, very moody
March 20th, 2019  
Great moody shot.
March 20th, 2019  
lovely tones
March 20th, 2019  
Love the tones and softness of this shot. You are very ambitious, planning and doing your nightshot. I wish I had the same energy to do that, it always stops at the idea stage (and today it is cloudy so I can always blame the weather).
March 20th, 2019  
I love this, the colours remind me of a Constable painting
March 20th, 2019  
Lovely tones here, and you're so prepared planning ahead.
March 20th, 2019  
A simple shot but the beautiful tones make it really special.
March 20th, 2019  
very paintly.
March 20th, 2019  
This is gorgeous! I love how you've edited it.
March 20th, 2019  
Super edit:)
March 20th, 2019  
This reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth painting! Now you need to do a R. Kenton Nelson photo. :) Fav.
March 21st, 2019  
@gardenfolk Very grateful for the fav. Thank you. I am humbled. I also had never heard of R. Kenton Nelson, what wonderful images. I have an idea to try.
@fbailey Thank you so kindly for the fav.
@jernst1779 I love this Sol45 lens, the blur even without the blades being in place is so fun to play around with. Thank you so kindly for the fav.
@yaorenliu Thank you so much.
@gardencat Thank you so much.
@shannejw I am trying to be pro active. I had forgotten my compass but then realized I could down load an app. Love technology when it works the way I want it to.
@onewing Thank you so very much, The softness of this lens is amazing.
@ingajohansson I have trying to get the moonset for almost 2 years but so far it alludes me. I am retired so time is sorta on my side- :):)
@pistache Lensbabies are just made for soft tones, who am I to not comply :):)
@haskar Truly grateful, thank you.
@graemestevens Thank you so very kindly for the fav.
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Thank you so much.
@golftragic Truly grateful, thank you.
@robz You are so very kind, truly appreciate the fav.
@granagringa Spring has such a sense of humor.
@annied Thank you a great deal.
March 22nd, 2019  
Love this image, it looks like a painting. Did you do some editing on it, if so how? I am new to all this and I am desperate to learn!
March 25th, 2019  
@angel_a I was using a lensbaby SOL45 which blurs the sides but I also was shooting in raw format and brought down the clarity slider when I was processed it in Photoshop. If you have windows 10, there is a photo edit program that comes with - there are a filters under enhancements (I think that is the name) that are fun to play with. I like the burlesque one, it makes the image soft with brownish tones. Another edit program, free, has lots of things to play around with. My suggestion, is to play around but also check out youtube for ideas and help. Here is my email if you would like to ask further questions, love to help if I can.
April 7th, 2019  
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