Lost and forgotten by joysabin

Lost and forgotten

This shoe was found at the beginning of my photo walk tonight. I bent down took a few snaps and continued to look for something interesting. This poor forgotten shoe turned out to be the best of the lot. You just never know....
I always wonder how shoes get lost like this... I mean, I can see someone taking off both shoes and leaving them... sort of... but just one?
March 27th, 2019  
It tells a story. Reminds me of an image I shot a while back of an abandoned sneaker on the beach. Makes you wonder what happened to the sibling shoe....
March 27th, 2019  
@northy This quirky Flag and the Vortexes of Sedona are only 27 miles south-so not much is strange here🌀

@walrus Maybe it's mate just gave up hope? It was rather sad looking.
March 27th, 2019  
Well, at least you have given it a moment of fame. ( Or at least of being noticed.)
March 27th, 2019  
@gardencat A sneaker hall of fame needs to happen. :):)
March 27th, 2019  
Well spotted, looks as though it has been there for a while
March 27th, 2019  
It's thought provoking for sure -- who did it belong to? and why is it there?
March 27th, 2019  
great grungy tones and framing - these single shoes always intrigue
March 27th, 2019  
excellently grungy
March 27th, 2019  
i like that you give us just the hint of the roadside. and the fallen leaf is a good accompaniment
March 27th, 2019  
Don't leaf me!
March 27th, 2019  
It's fun to think of a story to go with it.
March 27th, 2019  
Love it
March 27th, 2019  
March 28th, 2019  
Great find and image - this looks like it has a story to tell
March 29th, 2019  
@onewing Thank you, the street sweeper hadn't made it up this road yet.
@jyokota It is down the road from a high school so maybe it just fell out of a backpack. I guess it didn't mean much to its previous owner.
@shannejw Thank you so much, one shoe just hiding....
@graemestevens Thank you, dirt and grunge in gutters do belong together.
@pistache Thank you, bending down to get the shot was the easy part, getting back up wasn't a pretty sight in the least.

@fbailey Wow, what a completely perfect comment!

@jernst1779 True and that topic could/might be a great challenge for 365 some day.

@tstb13 A most wo-be-gone sneaker without any doubt.

@haskar Thank you.

@jo38 Thank you a great deal. Might make a good opening for a novel.
April 7th, 2019  
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