Artist Challenge Freeman Patterson by joysabin

Artist Challenge Freeman Patterson

For the current artist challenge - Freeman Patterson
Very good dof and composition and I love the cool tones
May 24th, 2019  
Beautiful soft colours. Now I need to go look up Freeman Patterson. No wonder I never get the vacuuming done!
May 24th, 2019  
lovely focus here - great for the artist challenge
May 24th, 2019  
I like it. Great for challenge.
May 24th, 2019  
Beautiful! Love that blur!
May 24th, 2019  
Beautifully done - such a good entry for the challenge.
May 24th, 2019  
May 24th, 2019  
Well done! You've done Patterson proud!
May 25th, 2019  
Great shot, love the dof.
May 25th, 2019  
May 25th, 2019  
Very soft and dream like
May 25th, 2019  
This is beautiful! Fav.
May 26th, 2019  
@ingajohansson I was surprised by the cold temps but knew that I needed to get out very early before the sun warmed up the buds.

@gardencat Vacuuming is completely over-rated. I must admit that I have a Roomba so I just complain about dusting and cleaning windows. :):) I am very thankful that you enjoyed this.

@shannejw Thank you so much. I admit to not knowing about Mr. Patterson's work before but do so really like it.

@haskar Thank you so much for the fav.

@jernst1779 Thank you so kindly for the fav. I love what lenbabies can do. I am also thankful to my pup for letting take several shots, she got extra treats.

@robz Most grateful for the fav, thank you so much.

@joemuli Very thankful, you are so kind.

@olivetreeann Thankful for your most kind complement. I may not always enter AC challenges but really like learning more about new (to me) artists.

@golftragic Thank you so much. This was thankfully in a place that I could sit down and save my knees :):)

@domenicododaro Very appreciative, thank you so much.

@fbailey Thank you so much. Being up before the sun touched this helped too.

@eudora Most appreciative for the fav. Flowers around here are just beginning to show up and then we get frost- so unfair.
June 1st, 2019  
That's good, my knees feel better for knowing that.
June 1st, 2019  
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