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I made a trip out to Lupton Arizona for a dog run yesterday. The dog was a small female Australian Shepard who had been tossed out of a truck in Albuquerque New Mexico and was rescued by a local dog angel. She weathered that fine-thank goodness. I am amazed how cruel and thoughtless some humans can be. I almost adopted her as a buddy for my Riley but the timing wasn't right and I believe that she has a home already in Phoenix where her journey ends.

The town of Lupton is on the Navajo Nation and is very remote as well as being economically challenged. The is the front doorway to a now shuttered curio shop.
What s nightmare'
September 16th, 2019  
So very well done for the rescue. We hear of man's inhumanity to man but man's inhumanity to animals beggars belief. Atmospheric shot.
September 16th, 2019  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond The little girl was the friendliest of pups too. It makes me just sick that scum got away with it.

@quietpurplehaze Being able to make a difference in a few dog's lives speaks to my soul. Rescues Rule!
September 16th, 2019  
Thank you for rescuing the little dog. She was lucky. I don't fathom, how anyone can hurt a defenseless creature.
September 16th, 2019  
Looks like the dream has fallen, quite poetic
September 16th, 2019  
Looks more like a nightmare than a dream.
September 16th, 2019  
She is so lucky that there are also wonderful people in the world!
September 17th, 2019  
On the surface it's a graphic image- the word "dream catcher" with garbage strewn all over it so it is rather poignant. But with your story attached to it the picture has even more symbolism. Garbage had been tossed on that poor dog's life but you caught a dream for her to have a better home and made it happen. Great story and great shot. (And it doesn't surprise me how horribly people can treat animals when I see how horribly they can treat each other-especially how they treat unwanted children.)
September 17th, 2019  
September 17th, 2019  
Great story and oh so sad -
September 17th, 2019  
Very intriguing image, made more meaningful by your story. The fallen sign, the trash.... So wonderful that the abused dog found angels to save her. A terrible story with a happy ending.
September 17th, 2019  
I simply cannot understand how anyone could do that to a sentient animal. The shame is that so few of these kinds of scum ever get caught. I can only hope that karma gets them.
September 17th, 2019  
Good social comment. A series of shots in the same vein would be good to see. Fav
September 17th, 2019  
TYF posting a shot of our times. Inhumanity of Man to Man is one thing, whilst cruelty/neglect of animals is way beyond the Pale.
September 17th, 2019  
Every city has such places. Great shot and edit.
September 18th, 2019  
@octogenarian It was my friend who got me interested in volunteering for this group of dog rescuers - I thank her often. A small action by many can make a huge difference, can't it.

@sugarmuser The idea of roadside curio shops are a fading reality, especially with modern interstate highways by passing many small towns.

@onewing Sad but true.

@robz Being just a small part in her new life is almost magical. I feel so very lucky to be able to do these rescues.

@olivetreeann Much of the Navajo Nation is isolated and economically challenged yet, there is a beauty that is beyond words. The resilience of the Dine` people shows how strong their culture is. The fact that scum like that truck driver (not sure what type of truck it was) can live with themselves and their behavior confounds me no end.

@joemuli Most grateful, thank you.

@samae I cling to the making a difference so these pups get to their forever homes- I do feel lucky to be available to help when I can.

@eudora I am very thankful for the fav. I still would have adopted her in a heartbeat but the timing for us isn't right. I know that she is on her way to her forever home.

@golftragic Karma will pay them a visit, this I know for sure.

@lostphojo Thank you a great deal for the fav. I will work on that idea, may take a while. I thank you for the idea.

@s4sayer The fact that we have to have dog rescue networks period is sad! I am just a small part but it is the small steps of many that create a long strong walk.
September 18th, 2019  
@haskar Thank you, we humans are our own worst enemies, aren't we?
September 18th, 2019  
What a story! And a great symbolic image to illustrate it!
September 19th, 2019  
I like this.
September 20th, 2019  
@jernst1779 What a nice thing to say, thank you most kindly, truly appreciate the fav.

@sdutoit Thank you a great deal.
September 22nd, 2019  
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