Busy Day for Miss Daisy by joysabin

Busy Day for Miss Daisy

We (Miss Daisy-my car and I) had a busy but productive day. We started out delivering a donation of dry goods and dog food to a true angel. A friend had started a collection for a small isolated Navajo village which is in desperate need of supplies.
Next, we drove south of town to sneak in a few potential shots after which I slide into procurement mode and braved the grocery stores.Filled Miss Daisy to the brim and then turned for home. Upon unpacking, I realized that the drain cleaner was left at the register. Back to the store we went with proof of purchase.I also wanted to maximize my hours out and away from home so, we then went for another picture taking time. This time, north of the peaks.
Needless to say, I have lots of pictures, no energy but a clean drain. I will be sorting through and tomorrow will venture into editland so that I can post more in the coming days.
Whew, what a day......

Love your pov
May 27th, 2020  
Wow I'm tired just reading the description of your day but it sounds very fulfilling!
May 27th, 2020  
A productive, exhausting, but beneficial day! I did my shopping today but not as aggressively as you- bravo!! Looking forward to the results of all those photo stops!
May 27th, 2020  
Thank you for sharing.
May 28th, 2020  
@haskar Being in the car and just driving is close to my heart. I love being 'out there'.
@dustyloup I did over-do it but it was very worth it.
@olivetreeann I need to learn (some day :-) that I have to say NO to doing too much. I am convinced that getting old isn't for the weak of spirit. I am very lucky to have a supportive family who understands that I need to re-charge following my over do's.
@bubblequeen We are all in this together.
May 28th, 2020  
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