Did not work (yet) by joysabin

Did not work (yet)

My idea was to have the moon rise through the lens ball. I have been eyeing this particular weathered piece of wood and stump for some time. I checked where and when the moon would rise and then hiked to the spot with camera, tripod, and the lens ball. My timing was right however, the wood wouldn't support the ball so that I could see the moon through it. I settled for a shot of ball and wood.

Lesson learned, to look for a natural tripod (of sorts) if I plan to use the ball. Ah well, next time.....
Joy have you flipped the image in the ball?? I love your dof and hope you do havd another go!!
September 3rd, 2020  
It works, just not in the way you meant it to ;)
September 3rd, 2020  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond I wanted to but this is SOOC. I was standing a bit to the right of the ball when I shot because the wood was directly behind and my knowledge of glass physics (curve of light and all) aren't all that extensive so, I'm confused as why the trees look upright. Another attempt maybe next month since we get two full moons.

@dustyloup Thank you a great deal.
September 3rd, 2020  
Still a great shot though!
September 3rd, 2020  
Makes a very appealing image
September 4th, 2020  
Fav. I like it.
September 4th, 2020  
Still...I like the capture. Good luck with next time
September 4th, 2020  
I really like this - even with the unfortunate missing moon. I love the little scene in the ball, the gnarled timber sculpture and the dof with the background. :)
September 4th, 2020  
still a cool shot and nicely gnarly piece of wood
September 4th, 2020  
Oh no, but love the shot anyway
September 4th, 2020  
Great natural wood “sculpture.”
September 4th, 2020  
I really like this effect
Something tells me its time I got myself a ball - with a stand
September 4th, 2020  
Like it.
September 5th, 2020  
Still a lovely shot
September 6th, 2020  
@tinley23 @amyk @sdutoit @ghost13 @robz @graemestevens @erinr @k9photo @haskar @ziggy77 Thank you all so very kindly for such positive encouragement. I was a bit early for the moon rise but wanted to get my focus down. I changed my location a few times after I realized that this gorgeous stump wasn't going to support my lensball. I am keeping this in mind for other ideas, maybe in the snow later this year.
September 7th, 2020  
Love the wood.
October 1st, 2020  
@eudora I would love to have this stump in my yard but alas, it belongs to the city.....
October 3rd, 2020  
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