Stop Smoking by jrambo001

Stop Smoking

What you are looking at are some strategically-placed cigarette butts. They've been there awhile. Whoever created this impromptu art did it at least a year ago- I've seen it there that long.
When I first saw them, I thought that they were snails! I walk past it on my way to work, usually in a hurry. So I walked away rationalizing that the snails must like the heat from the red "Don't Walk" lamp.
Then one day I realized that they weren't snails, but butts. This thing is 8 feet off the ground, so somebody had to climb up there to place each individual butt.
I am guessing a ballpark security guard in the middle of the night, on rounds through the parking lots. He stopped by each time & stuck his cigarette butt there.
I guess he was trying to cover up the "STOP" Hand.
Park & 11th
Adjacent to the PETCO Park Executive Parking Lot.
East Village
San Diego, California
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