Moira by jrambo001


Hand-Pulled Linoleum Block Print, Water-Based Ink on Acid-Free Paper, 4" x 5"

Linocut #1
The book I am studying for linocut printing suggested a "Mark-Making Sampler" for a first block- to learn how each cutting instrument works.
I gave it half a block- I wanted it to include some "art" as well.
East Village
San Diego, CA
This is so interesting! I stand in awe of you, John! I'm a klutz with fine work like this.
May 15th, 2014  
This is great John, did you enjoy doing it? Good shot.
May 15th, 2014  
@cejaanderson @yogisue I am happy with the carved block- not so much the print or the photo.
I did a better job with my last set of proofs prior to this "official" print series. I rushed it & it shows. I overestimated the contrast between the not-green-enough green paper & the yellow ink.
I completed the printing about 1030pm & wanted to make a photo of the day's finished work my Project 365 Photo of the Day. The ink took longer than expected to dry so when it came time to take photos I was feeling rushed- it was approaching Midnight & I do not post photos for the day except those shot on that actual day.
I actually too better photos of the individual block & print but I consider BOTH the art so I want the photo to include both.
For my next Linocut I will photograph both separately & create a collage of the two.
And not rush.
I am my own worst critic. I do think the "Moira" portion of the work is quite good.
May 19th, 2014  
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