Into the mist(ic) by jtsanto

Into the mist(ic)

Most of the shots in Diego’s 365 seem to be full-body portraits. I think that’s a reflection of a lot of things. First, there’s the fact I am using an iPhone, usually in Portrait Mode, which means I need to be several feet away to really achieve the desired results. Next there’s the fact the kid is always on the go... or at least I am on the go whenever I stop to take his photo. But then there’s the personality of the subject himself; the big, energetic, accomplished and physical toddler he has become. Diego is very active, with a mind and body that work very much in synch. I believe a lot of photos aren’t so much an indicator of my style so much as an indicator of who this child is. And I love that. Yet there are moments now and again where my arty side takes over and forces the change in perspective. This is one of those pictures, a capture of the child facing a morning fog in the field behind our home. His dynamicism is still evident here, but it is presented with my rule of thirds dedication and a tableau suggesting the murkiness of life. Fortunately, he walks without fear. He tackles the unknown.
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