Nigh-nigh by jtsanto


In this photo, Diego has his last moments of play for the day in the sliver of time allowed between bathtime and bedtime. At school he picked up the term “nigh nigh” which he generally uses as his word for blanket, but also which he’ll use for “goodnight.” Alternately “bye-bye” will work too, but really the sentiment is all the same: he reaches the point in our daily routine where it’s time for a final bottle of warmed milk and a cuddle. Then it’s off to the land of dreams and spastic, nocturnal crib-banging and limb-flailing. I do wonder sometimes what it is he’s dreaming about when deep in sleep. Is it school? Is it Oso, our dog? Is it his brother or Papa Abuelo’s tractor or tickles on the couch from his mommy? I hope it’s all of these and so many more beautiful moments from each of his love-filled days. This child is blessed with such care. Oh. No wait. His dreams? They’re surely about bulldozers. Yep. That’s what they’re about. Never mind all that love stuff. This kid? It’s bulldozers. No doubt about it. Bulldozers.
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