The shape of water by jtsanto

The shape of water

Both of my sons have a deep connection to water, but I forgot that this manifested when my youngest was very young with a great deal of play in the kitchen sink. Seeing Diego’s enthusiastic study of the way water flows from the faucet, over the rim of a glass, and through the wine diffuser reminds me of when Justin was that age, but it also connects both sons to my own fascination with water. In 2004, after several years of work as a writer, actor, director, producer, and editor, I released a short film series connected by a theme about the path taken by running water. Each short was preceded by a short meditation on water that paired words with various imagery of rain, snow, steam, rivers, brooks, the ocean, etc. All this is to say it seems water may mean a lot to all of us because of something bigger within. Or, you know, maybe it’s like a shiny thing that all people get entranced by!
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