Are we done yet?  by jtsanto

Are we done yet?

No, not yet. I believe for this to be a full 365 for Diego, there will be one more photo on June 1, as his 365 truly began on June 2 last year to correspond with the exact age that his brother was when I began his back in 2012. But... getting to this day means the project is on the eve of closure and when I answer the title question with “No, not yet” I don’t just mean technically... I mean emotionally. Like I wrote in a recent entry, our lives will continue outside of these photo moments, will in fact be more intimate without the camera between us. But I will so miss this time I spend reflecting on our days together, these carefully scrutinized captures and the memories they represent. There are not a lot of quiet moments in life now, and I have come to cherish any that arrive when I have enough brain power for reflection. Your 365 came at a time I really needed it because too often I get caught up in the sweeping business of life and forget to appreciate you, the love of your mother and brother, and the countless other blessings I have. So no, we are not done yet, technically or emotionally. But tomorrow we’re likely all finished technically, and that’s when I’ll sum up what cannot be summed up, reflect on our full, exciting times together one last time, and thank you so much for all you are. Because all things come to an end. Well, all things except my love for you.
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