End of the pier. by judithdeacon

End of the pier.

A bit of backfilling to complete my December pictures.
Love it!
January 2nd, 2012  
A gorgeous sight! Love that sky too!
January 2nd, 2012  
I love the colours in this. Feels very peaceful. And the fact that we can't actually see the horizon works well too with the difference between the colour of the sea & the sky. Goes to show once again it's all about getting the right light!
January 2nd, 2012  
@peacerebel @kimmiesue @sburbidge Thanks for all the nice comments, this was the last shot of the day as my fingers were freezing off!
January 3rd, 2012  
Lovely photo, Judith - love the gradients of the orange tones. Such a relaxing scene!
January 3rd, 2012  
Love the lights on the pier.
January 3rd, 2012  
Very pretty sky & great photography.
January 3rd, 2012  
You can almost feel how cold it is!
January 3rd, 2012  
January 8th, 2012  
Wonderful capture, I love the colour of the sky.
January 11th, 2012  
A lovely pink glow to the sky great photo
February 1st, 2012  
wonderful scene I love the sunset sky and that you are not focusing on it but it is still there great job
February 8th, 2012  
Nice silhouette.
March 5th, 2012  
Great shot!
March 19th, 2012  
Lovely dusk shot!
March 27th, 2012  
love the soft colors and silhouettes
April 10th, 2012  
Beautiful colors and details in this shot. Very appealing.
May 9th, 2012  
August 10th, 2012  
Does look a bit cold - the silhouettes have jackets on!
October 19th, 2012  
Great silhouette!
December 9th, 2012  
Wonderful capture! Love the lighting & the water under the pier.
January 10th, 2013  
Marvellous capture
January 20th, 2013  
Always lovely to see a shot at the end of a pier Judith, lovely light!
February 28th, 2013  
Nice lighting on what remains of Felixstowe pier, Judith.
March 3rd, 2013  
I just love the colour of that sky behind the pier. And the silhouettes of the people - fabulous shot, Judith.
May 17th, 2013  
@gailmmeek Thanks Gail, so kind of you to comment! Sorry I haven't been around to comment on any of your pics lately, I've had a somewhat hectic time lately with one thing and another but hopefully normal service will resume shortly!
May 18th, 2013  
@judithdeacon oh don't worry at all, Judith. We are all busy, and should be understanding... well, I certainly am. When I get the chance, I do commenting, and when I don't get the chance, then that's just life. but thanks so much for responding. x
May 18th, 2013  
Lovely light....very pretty
June 14th, 2013  
Very nice silhouettes.
August 11th, 2013  
Fav beautiful scene
September 19th, 2013  
This is a very nice shot
April 29th, 2014  
Lovely photo and a beautiful sky.
May 31st, 2014  
Wonderful combination of light,colour and framing, can almost feel the coldness via the huddled shapes fav for me
June 16th, 2014  
Amazing colours in this. I love the silhouette of the pier
August 2nd, 2014  
February 13th, 2016  
A lovely shot, thank you for the follow, following back :)
March 3rd, 2016  
Great silhouettes and colours. Thank you for following I will follow back!
June 8th, 2018  
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