Pretty or yucky?  by julianneovie

Pretty or yucky?

Saw this while I was walking home yesterday, on the tree by the side of the big road. The size is about the same as my thumb! Around 10cm in length. I couldn't believe what I see, because the caterpillar I see mostly are one third or a quarter of this one. Feeling itchy and gross out, I still go super close to take a shot, when the head moved I almost puke lol because I have fear of the sight of worms or things that move or look similar to worm. I couldn't google it this time to identify the type of the caterpillar and what it will turn into but I am dying of curiosity. Can you help?
Omg, this catterpillar is highly hazardous. Scattered over its skin are tufts of long stiff reddish hairs, which are strong enough to penetrate human skin. When they do, they are very painful, and difficult to remove because they are barbed and brittle. if one should lodge in the eye, it can cause serious sight problems.

The moths usually emerge in autumn (April, May), but some could stay as pupae for over 12 months! The moths are large and brown, with wavy bands of yellow and grey. Thanks to Maddison for the source as I couldn't look it up myself.

You can see the images from this link
December 15th, 2017  
Cool photo, but yucky to me. Not so bad, though. I really get most grossed out by moths.
December 15th, 2017  
Nicely captured
December 15th, 2017  
Interesting capture and details.
December 16th, 2017  
Love his little "feet"!!
December 16th, 2017  
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