Blue Lake at Mt Kosciuszko  by julianneovie

Blue Lake at Mt Kosciuszko

The hike to this spot is just 5km, but it was very steep. I almost given up thinking that I still have another 20km from here. It was just the start. But I am glad that I didn't given up. The hike was very long, we made it to the summit as the rain just start follow by thunderstorm. With the wind speed of 50km/h. It was pretty challenging to walk properly. Few paths were still covered in ice, I crossed so carefully trying not to think about falling, scary but fun. We were drench in heavy rain twice, which dried immediately from the sun and wind, the path was very open and exposed. The most interesting path was looking for safe spot to go bush since the 6 hours walk was without toilet, we need to drink continuously to avoid dehydration too. Gladly with the strong wind and rain, we didn't get disturbed by the flies. Good walk and it was such a great experience.
Beautiful shot
December 11th, 2020  
Great shot
December 11th, 2020  
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