Smurf! by julianneovie


We went to Sassafrass Gully in the mission to find this mushroom, after hundred of squats and few kms hike in the pose of hobbit (as we walk funny while searching low in the ground).

Finally one of us yell out it's blue mushroom! Me dashing out of nowhere and finally see it myself. It was spotted by Maria, first and second blue mushrooms were slightly nibbled, maybe by human that keen to be turn into smurf, could be one of us. Finally she found us 5 of them during the walk. This one, in the photo is slightly hidden under a rock but in perfect condition, I feel completed lol. Been searching for more than a year!

A few info about this mushroom. It calls Entoloma Hochstetteri. The blue colouring of the fruit body is due to three azulene pigments. It's commonly referred to as the pinkgills due to the red spores from the gills. While it doesn't have common English name, the Maori called this werewere kokako because the similarity in colour to the beautiful endemic (meaning here only and nowhere else) bird species, the kokako.

Now, is it edible? No one have tried yet. Would you be the first? Many of the Entoloma species are known to be poisonous. But it has been investigated to see if its blue colouring might be manufactured as a food dye.

Is it psychedelic? Contrary to popular belief, despite the appearance and colour, it is not psilocybe or stropharia, and contain no known hallucinogenic compounds.

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