Back When We Could Both Walk by juliedduncan

Back When We Could Both Walk

This being homebound-with-a-broken-foot business is for the birds! :(
How long is your imprisonment?
January 25th, 2023  
@jackies365 Well, surgery is tomorrow, which is when the healing process really begins. Recovery is 6-8 weeks. But, I have to try and go back to work Feb. 6th. Not looking forward to that as I am not at all steady on crutches or the scooter (which I fell off of yesterday). What a hassle! :(
January 25th, 2023  
@juliedduncan I walked on crutches for a year and a half of course I was 9 years old which makes a huge difference I don't think you have any fear at that point. I had a bone disease. I will say though that I have used crutches several times since then and you never forget once you learn. Prayers for you today as you head into surgery.
January 25th, 2023  
Keeping you in our prayers
January 25th, 2023  
Oh, so sorry about your injury. But you WILL walk again. xx
January 26th, 2023  
@jackies365 @bkbinthecity @jamibann Thank so much! ❤️
January 30th, 2023  
Nice shot
January 31st, 2023  
@johnfalconer Thanks, John! :)
January 31st, 2023  
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