Käthe Kollwitz's Pietà by jyokota

Käthe Kollwitz's Pietà

Every day, I walk past the monumentally large Royal Guard House on Unter den Linden. The exterior's style belies the interior. Inside, there is only this -- an enlarged sculpture of one created by Käthe Kollwitz, a pacifist who used her art to make social and political commentary. Here, she represents herself encircling her deceased son.

Apparently, this sculpture brought criticism that it does not represent the enormity of mass victimization during WWII. But I believe that loss is both massive as well as personal. And only in understanding the deeply personal nature of loss can we begin to feel the impact on a larger scale.

The building is open at the top, allowing a circle of light to enter, as well as snow, rain, leaves, etc. I chose this version of my photos because I felt the space in its entirety had impact and presence; perhaps it has more impact than seeing a close-up of the sculpture itself.


Molly shows a great close-up at an angle that hauntingly portrays the mother's emotion and her son's head. http://365project.org/dolphin/365/2013-04-21

Surprisingly contrasting exterior to the building:
This is terrific. The sculpture in Berlin is quite wonderful. Not everything has to be depressing but can instead touch with poignancy
April 12th, 2013  
I totally agree with what you say about understanding the personal nature of loss and think this is a wonderful sculpture and refreshingly intimate. I love the idea that it is open to the elements.
April 12th, 2013  
I love how you included the space around the sculpture...loss is very personal...and no less because of that.
April 12th, 2013  
Love this!! Framed perfectly.
April 12th, 2013  
Absolutely stunning capture and composition. Makes me want to go right up to it, but it gives me pause and I appreciate the distance--does that make sense? FAV!
April 12th, 2013  
Stunning. I like that you chose to keep the space, I think it conveys more emotion somehow. Just beautiful!
April 13th, 2013  
I agree that the space around the sculpture is essential to convey its meaning. I find it hard to get a sense of scale; the stonework gives no clue, as it could be massive or tiny. All the more intriguing.
April 14th, 2013  
really stunning and impressive. love the way you composed it and great lighting!
April 21st, 2013  
This is a beautiful capture. The open space around the sculpture is essential. Open to the elements is brilliant.
April 21st, 2013  
Such a poignant image. Beautiful composition and lighting.
April 22nd, 2013  
Quite affecting image. I find it quietly powerful and evocative.
April 22nd, 2013  
Thank you for showing and explaining this art.
June 14th, 2013  
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