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King Nebuchadnezzar II said . . .

I can't believe I have lived practically next door to the Pergamon for the last few months and never stepped foot inside it. Especially since I have a free pass. But I kept waiting to have a half a day because I knew it was an extensive collection, and finally decided that a couple of hours would be at least a start. I had no idea the scale of what I would find inside. The Ishtar Gate of Babylon (575BC) and Processional Way are enormous . . . 47 ft/14 meters high. Apparently, this is the smaller of the double gate and the larger is "in storage." It gives one pause to think of storing such things that someone else might be able to enjoy seeing. And even more pause to think of all the treasures that have been moved around the world from their original locations.
Very interesting image and comments. Museums are indeed impressive for their storage capacity!
May 5th, 2013  
I totally agree with you: is it fair for other countries to withhold the treasures of the country where they were created? I'm thinking of the British Museum (holding the majority of the remains of Greek temples from Partenone and so much more), the Louvre (holding the Egyptian treasures looted by French archaelogists after their discoveries) and the list goes on and on. All great museums have a bad conscience, in my opinion...but would they willingly give back their main attractions to the legitimate owners?
May 5th, 2013  
Wow! the age and the beauty are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
May 5th, 2013  
I remember the Pergamon so well -- it was one of the most interesting places I'd ever seen because of the sheer scale of it all. You raise such an important point of who has the rights...I think of that for museums, zoos (though I know they are important to conservation), etc. Preservation, ownership, conservation...nothing's simple...
May 5th, 2013  
@danielwsc @lynnb -- thanks for your comments! Always appreciate how both of you look, comment and support me as I run to catch up!

@mara19500 @taffy -- You both raise the questions that are racing through my mind as I walk around these impressive museums around me. And, as Taffy concludes, "nothing's simple." Apparently, former President Mubarak claimed that Nefertiti was the best ambassador for Egypt --and as I see the throngs of crowds in all these museums, I doubt many will ever go to Egypt, Iraq, or even to Greece. Are these artifacts piquing interest in their cultures? Is that worth the price of their separation from their homelands?
May 5th, 2013  
@jyokota Difficult and hitchy subject, dear Junko. I think that matter has been debated for years and nothing has changed so far. I guess the big western museums can preserve these treasures more accurately than, say, the Egyptians (remember what they did to their Natonal Museum during the revoltuion 2 years ago) and offer better communication, transport etc. than those faraway countries. But if many of these remains were taken away from their legitimate owners as a result of a war or loot or by force, is it fair that they should be owned by the most powerful nation or should they be returned to the original owners and people? As Taffy @taffy rightly says, nothing's simple.
May 5th, 2013  
It happens, we give for granted those places close to us. So glad you went and captured this Egyptian treasure.
May 5th, 2013  
Hi Junko! I'm Debbie and I have been assigned as your get pushed partner this week. I saw that you had been commenting on my photos and I thank you for all of your compliments. I have checked out your photos and found them to be very good! You have Awesome street shots and great photos of buildings and places. I love the photo of the ducks too! I noticed the comment you made on one of my photos, I believe it was the one of the calf and daffodils, and wanted to know how it was done.....well guess what your challenge is.....that's right multiple exposures. I am going to copy and paste the challenge given to me that has a link explaining the procedure. I had so much fun with this and I truly hope that you will as well.

1. For you to have a go at multiple exposure [ you will either need this facility in camera or an editing program] ~

There is a great link here for the multiple exposure that explains how to

May 6th, 2013  
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