At the Zoo with Zoo Guide Extraordinaire, AnnieD ! by jyokota

At the Zoo with Zoo Guide Extraordinaire, AnnieD !

Alternate title: What Happens When a Non-Photographer Takes a Photo of You and Your Photobuddy

But hey, we were at the zoo and the giraffe is in focus so we can see what matters, right?
Tend to find that what I have in my mind is different to what they capture. But now ask for re-runs!
July 1st, 2017  
@islambad -- I got some good images of koala, baby monkey, and more that I'll be posting :)
July 1st, 2017  
@jyokota Awww! Will look forward to that!
July 1st, 2017  
Nice photo. The giraffe didn't seem interested.
July 1st, 2017  
Oh well, ya can't have everything. Good to have the shot anyway.
July 2nd, 2017  
Awesome picture.
July 2nd, 2017  
Laughing at your narrative! Great to see you were able to meet up.
July 2nd, 2017  
lol - looking forward to the animal pics.
July 2nd, 2017  
Oh well - at least one of the three subjects is focussed. Looks like a fun day out. I love giraffes.
July 2nd, 2017  
Love the title, that´s so fun and so true....the giraffe is in great focus though, lol. Nice to see you two
July 2nd, 2017  
Great capture :)
July 2nd, 2017  
Love your commentary
July 3rd, 2017  
That happens so often! But agree nice to have the photo anyway!
July 4th, 2017  
hahahaha great photo - happens to me all the time - Bill has focus priorities and the giraffe is definitely the right choice :)
July 5th, 2017  
So funny! This always happens when some helpful person offers to take your photo! A lovely memory for you both!
July 12th, 2017  
What a wonderful meetup for the two of you @annied ! I've heard all about the zoo connection; you couldn't have had a better guide! I was telling a friend today about all the's truly amazing and absolutely wonderful!
August 6th, 2017  
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