Looing After The Kids - Colour by k1w1

Looing After The Kids - Colour

I just read the million dollar challenge this morning so I though "why not" but what to do? I figured since I had a book that I was going to go read as soon as I had posted something (I'm waaaaaay behind on posting) that I would use the reading idea to come up with something for the challenge. Since I really don't do enough black and white shots I thought I should take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone... or should that be one potato for two shots since I posted another one here: Happy hump day everyone.
The other potato shots are here: http://365project.org/k1w1/365/2016-01-26
and here: http://365project.org/k1w1/365/2016-01-25
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. They are very much appreciated.
Now I never knew that potatoes could read! I think in future I shall store my potatoes in newspapers and they will be happy potatoes! Great shot!
January 27th, 2016  
Oh my. This is fantastic.
February 5th, 2016  
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