Tree? by k1w1


Danbo was sent out to choose a Christmas tree for the family. He was told not to dilly dally on the way or there would be no good trees left. Danbo raced off to get the tree but on the way there were just way too many things to distract him. The new cars in the sales lot, the new window display in the tool store, his friend Jack that he bumped in to outside the liquor store and so it went. Danbo arrived at the tree farm very late and there were no trees left. He was at a loss and could not think how he would explain this. Then he had a brain wave. Laying on the ground were some bits of abandoned string and rope. He decided he would collect up all the broken branches and tree bits and tie one together with the rope and string. He thought this was rather clever. I thought it was not much of a tree but it sure was better than going home with nothing.
Love the story and appreciate the photo! Danbo might actually want to be on the top of a real Christmas Tree!
December 8th, 2016  
@maggiemae Danbo has to survive taking this tree home first Maggie :)
December 8th, 2016  
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