Treat Time by k1w1

Treat Time

In many areas folks are putting teddy bears in their windows for kids to spot as families go out on their social distancing walks. As we live in a very rural area and down a long driveway I have been taking photos of the bears and posting them on our community FB page. This is today's photo and story.....

As we spend another day in lockdown due to Covid-19 tension is being to show. The bears, Teddy and Tedward, are as a general rule, pretty good to each other. They get along pretty well and seldom ever do mean and nasty things to each other. Today I fear things are going to be a little different. It all began when Tedward woke up very grumpy and out of sorts.
Tedward did not want to eat his usual breakfast of porridge and honey. I have no idea why. He has wanted the same breakfast every day since time began. Today he is being a rather crusty old bear. To keep the peace I made him a breakfast of toast and jam, just like he asked for. After the first bite I do believe he regretted asking for toast and jam. It appeared he was really not enjoying his breakfast but he knew better than to say he didn’t want it… especially since it was exactly what he had asked for.
Tedward continued to be out of sorts and annoyed Teddy every chance he got. Being lockeddown in our tiny space is not working so well today. I sure hope the sun comes out soon so we can go for a walk. In the mean time I decided to give Tedward a job to do…get today’s treat out of the cupboard. I even let him decide what treat they were going to have from our lockdown stash.
Tedward wandered over to his own little space and began counting out the skittle. One for me and one for Teddy, one for me and one for Teddy he said and he put a skittle into each little jar. As I peeked over to see what he was doing and why there just happened to be some longer quiet times I spyed him putting the odd skittle into his mouth instead of into a jar. He suddenly noticed me looking and almost chocked on skittle juice. He got a pretty good lesson on karma I think.
I continued with the daily chores of laundry, dishes and making beds etc and left the bears to their own devices. That was not such a smart move on a day when we had one grumpy bear. Apparently he came up with a cunning plan that he thought would get him all the skittles to eat.
He wandered off to the computer because he had decided to create a fake news story so he could scare Teddy into not eating his skittles. I have to say he did a pretty good job of making his fake news story look real. Poor Teddy. He was so sad. He did not want to eat his skittles cause he thought he might die. When I heard all the tears and commotion I came running.
What a shock I got to see what Tedward had done. Naturally I had to take away the treats. After all a bear can’t eat something that might be dangerous. I knew who was not a bear and who would enjoy two little jars of skittles when the bears were not around 😊
Teddy went off to continue playing his game all by himself. Tedward tried to convince me that the article was a fake but I was not having any of that. I told him I was not taking any chances and I would have to throw away the skittles.
Tedward learned a great lesson, Teddy continued being the good natured bear he usually is and me…well I went and hid in the laundry and ate skittles of course😊
Remember to stay 6 feet away from others, wash your hands...and shower too. Keep safe, stay well. Love to you all from the bears and me ❤️❤️❤️
Such a great storyteller
April 1st, 2020  
@danette Thank you. I hope you are keeping safe and well.
April 6th, 2020  
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