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Hi, I am Julia, a German living in the north of Finland, in Lapland.

May 2013:
My friend convinced me to start this project as I am now facing a long time at home (maternity leave and motherhood). So why not start photographing.
Lapland offers a wide variety of natural beauty, great landscapes, different kind of lights (no light in winter, a lot of light in summer) and also nature phenomenas like the Aurora Borealis.

I never took a lot of effort in picture taking. Some snapshots here and there. I hope this project will help me improve my skills and lets me figure out what makes a good shot :-)

I am looking forward to it!!!

May 2014:
Wow, this year is already over. I have to say that I have learned a lot, mainly about my camera. Sometimes I got really dissapointed because I did not have the time to learn more. Being at home with the kids does not leave me lots of free time. Anyway I love photographing and will continue this journey. The main aim for me is, to have good photos of my little ones. I hope to participate more in the themes and competitions this year. And I enjoy looking through your incredible work from all over the world!!!