The Interview by kannafoot

The Interview

The Interview
25 December 2014 -- 359/365
Providence, Rhode Island

Following the hoopla surrounding Sony's decision to pull the national release of the Interview, some 300 small, independent cinema's nationwide have agreed to a limited release. Sony has apparently also found a digital download delivery method that coincided with today's showings. The Cable Car Cinema & Cafe in downcity Providence was one of the independents that agreed to show the film. They're closed on Christmas, though, so Cable Car's release will be tomorrow. I have followed with some amusement the conspiracy theory speculation online that the whole hacking incident and terrorist threat news was a hoax perpetrated by Sony to increase interest in a film so bad it was destined to go straight to thumb-drive. The conspiracy theory does not pass financial muster, though. As bad as the film is - and early review do suggest that it's horrendous - a Christmas release in the major cinema chains would have certainly covered the cost of the film and turned a bit of profit. The limited release and digital download, however, has Sony looking at an estimated $100 Million loss. While the conspiracy theory is likely more entertaining than the film itself, it's equally fictional.

Post processing started with a neutral filter in Topaz B&W FX. I adjusted color sensitivity sliders, adaptive exposure, regions, contrast, boost black, boost white, and protect highlights. A levels adjustment was added in PSE.

Here's the high res version in Smugmug:
I'm so going to see it when it opens around here. How can I not and I'm sure it's going to be awful but its too juicy to pass up.
December 25th, 2014  
Thanks for the interesting commentary. I don't suppose it will ever get to us.
Great capture with the interesting reflections
December 26th, 2014  
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