Coal Mine Cojack by kareenking

Coal Mine Cojack

Took my dog for a little climb on what's left of an old coal mine adjacent to the Flint Hills Nature Trail west of Osage City, Kansas
Wow Kareen the coloring here is outstanding! And I love the different textures in the pic! Also Hank looks like he's enjoying the fresh air and looking over the hill :) Outstanding capture!
December 7th, 2012  
@kbalychev Kimberly, being a newcomer here, I'll have you know that your comments are so detailed and encouraging. Since I'm still much an amateur and don't know all the terminology of photo composition and lighting, I don't yet feel I have anything intelligent to offer all you amazing photographers out there! Plus, I have so many part-time jobs, I haven't had much of a breather to really take the time to view and comment on others' photos as much as I'd like. But I certainly think you are gifted in what you do.

So thanks again! :)
December 7th, 2012  
@kareenking Well you are very welcome my dear! It's good to hear you enjoy my comments and take them to heart :) You are doing a fantastic job at this photography thing (especially being new to it!!) And I love looking at your pictures everyday and seeing what you come up with. And you don't have to know or understand camera lingo to offer a lovely opinion you have about a picture :) Your words are always so kind and expressive and that does the trick so nicely :) Wow you must be very busy with all your jobs (you hard working gal) and I completely understand that it is hard to view and comment a lot on here.
Thank you for all the great things you had to say about me and my pics, I appreciate it a lot! :)
Keep on shooting and have a Fantastic Friday! :) xo
December 7th, 2012  
@kbalychev Why thanks again, Kimberly. You just made my day. You have a wonderful weekend yourself! :)
December 7th, 2012  
Welcome to 365 Kareen! Having a buddy like your dog on hikes is always a fun and memorable thing. I grew up with a dog and for 12 years all we did was really long hikes. She loved it and I remember them. I like your POV and yes your colors are very nice. Thanks for the follow also!!
December 8th, 2012  
@summitnsmile Thanks so much, Mark. :)
December 8th, 2012  
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