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Hi, originally I’m from Poland but I live in the UK since 2006. My adventure with a camera starts in 2009/10 when I bought my first DSLR, in 2013/14 I finish a few photography courses, but somewhere on the way I put my camera on the side for a few long years (2015-2018) In 2018 I pick up my very dusty camera from the loft and I tried to go back to photography. I start my first 365 project in 2018 next one in 2019, and both not successful. I do not finish them, but it was a good start to taking photos again. I finish my project 365 in 2020 (missing two days but for me it’s a big success). I’m here because what I really want this year is a new challenge and some regularity in updating. I hope I will stay motivated all year long :)
Thank you for taking the time to look at my photos, thank you for all your comments and fav! It means a lot to me. Enjoy!

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