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I have just joined 365 on the 27th September 2020. I had a camera as a teenager and took happy snaps of friends and family, nothing to serious at that age. I am originally from England and when I left school I applied to go to photography college in Brighton, West Sussex. I had a 35mm camera and off I went and started to learn about black and white, developing in the dark room, so much fun seeing your photo's come to life. Half way through the course I moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1987. So from then till now I have just been taking happy snaps :) I now live in the beautiful southern part of Tasmania the Huon Valley. On my 50th birthday my present was a E-M10Mark11 Olympus, it is now time to learn, enjoy and have fun with all aspects of photography. I look forward in sharing my photo's and looking, learning from other photographers here on 365 :) Kat.