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January 2021 - After some life challenges and a little hiatus, I'm baaaack.
Happy to see a number of my 365 friends are still creating lovely shots.
Haven't got my phojo back but I'll try and keep up.

Sept 2014 - I made it! One year completed.
It's been quite a ride with a lot of laughs along the way. I couldn't have done it without everyone's encouraging comments and patience for my obsession with nature - fur, feathers, wings and all that stuff.
Along the way I've met terrific people from around the world, learned all sorts of stuff and most of all learned that I know little about photography! I also learned that everyone on this site is passionate about this art form - birds and animals don't take selfies and pics don't just leap into the camera - it's time consuming and often hard work.

Sept 2013 - Okay. I guess I've been a voyeur long enough. Time to jump in with both feet.
I love the outdoors and the rural life although I work in a big city in Ontario, Canada.
Taking a pic everyday may be challenging or impossible but I'll try to keep up.
All critiques and gentle jabbing welcomed by the Newbie (that's me).