Ginger explorer by katriak

Ginger explorer

Beautiful Sani ginger! I like her pink nose and her curly whiskers!
June 23rd, 2022  
SO, being as nosy as I am, I have to ask, how come Sissi was roaming free in the other picture but Sani is on a leash?
June 23rd, 2022  
@gardencat Sani is quite unpredictable with her outings. She's been on trial walking free, and she's been doing fine. However, we have a Song thrush nesting in our yard and Sani became unbearably curious about the bird. So it's back to the leash for now. Even with others without the leash, I always go with them to make sure they stay out of trouble
June 23rd, 2022  
Thanks for the detailed answer. I guess I miss having cats around here so I am very curious about the goings on of your guys.
June 23rd, 2022  
@gardencat We are always happy to give you your feline fix lol
June 24th, 2022  
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