March Series - Home Grown (10) by kgolab

March Series - Home Grown (10)


We have a number of different tomatoes growing in our vegetable gardens. We use them in a wide variety of meals. Some of the ways that we use them is to cook them in soups, add them to pasta sauces, salads or eat them as is.

Today's Recipe: 'Fried Tomato on Toast'

* Tomatoes
* Bread / Toast
* Olive oil
* Chives / Spring Onion

1. Wash and slice the tomatoes into wedges. Place in a fry pan with a little olive oil and fry until mushy and soft, but still holding some shape.
2. Cook bread in a toaster until brown. Place on a plate and then top with the fried tomatoes.
3. Top with finely chopped chives or spring onion.

~ If you like you can also top the toast with scrambled or fried egg, prior to adding the tomatoes on top. A great breakfast meal.

Love your pov and dof!
March 10th, 2020  
Like your pov, they look as if they’re going to be quite big ?
March 10th, 2020  
Nice pov. I don’t think I have seen purple flowers on tomatoes before!
March 10th, 2020  
Yumm, I just want to fry some green ones up now!!
March 10th, 2020  
Wow! Your garden is amazing...guess what we are having for brekky on Saturday? ha-ha.
March 10th, 2020  
Perfect pov. Sounds delish
March 10th, 2020  
Nice looking!
March 10th, 2020  
nice pov!
March 10th, 2020  
@carole_sandford The purple flowers are Pansies. We grow them amongst our vegetables and they are also edible and can garnish any salad or meal if you choose.
March 10th, 2020  
Do you eat these green or are these still ripening?
March 13th, 2020  
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