April Series - Eating at Home (04) by kgolab

April Series - Eating at Home (04)

'Cheese Macaroni'

I struggled to get an interesting presentation of this food. It's delicious taste and comforting nature, was just too difficult to capture with my camera. So after many attempts, I opted to take the photo with the sauce placed on top of the noodles, before I mixed it in. Cheese Macaroni made with Tasty cheese, is by far the favourite way to eat this in my house.

'Cheese Macaroni'

* 11/2 tablespoons of butter
* Plain flour
* 3 cups milk (approx)
* Tasty cheese (250g approx) finely grated. Use more if you like a strong tasting sauce.
* Cornflour
* Water
* 2-3 cups of macaroni pasta or similar.

Put a separate large pot of water on to boil. You will use this to cook the macaroni in later.

Place butter into a medium sized pan and melt. Once melted turn off the heat.

Add plain flour slowly to the melted butter, while mixing. Keep adding flour until it mixes with the butter to form a soft ball of dough like consistency. This does not use a lot of flour ~ maybe around 1/4 or so of a cup.

Next slowly add a small amount of the milk to pan with the butter and flour and mix into the mixture. Keep adding small amounts to the pan and mix in. Be careful to not add too much milk at once or your sauce will form lumps. Keep repeating the adding and stirring of the milk into the mixture, until you get a nice runny sauce.

Your large pot of water should be bubbling away now, so you can add the macaroni to the water for cooking. Follow the directions on the packet for the length of time you will need for this to cook 'al dente'.

Now back to your cheese sauce mix - you place the pot back onto a medium heat and stir continuously. The liquid will warm and start to bubble. It should start to thicken. The key is to keep stirring to ensure no lumps form.

Once the sauce has stated to thicken, remove from the heat and put the cheese into the sauce.

Now in a cup add 1 to 2 tablespoons of corn flour and mix it with just enough water to make it runny.

Place the pan of cheese sauce back over a low heat and add the cornflour mixture to the sauce. Remember to keep stirring consistently. Turn the heat to medium and mix it in thoroughly. As the sauce heats the cornflour will help thicken it.

Your large pot of macaroni should be cooked now, so when it is 'al dente' remove from the stove top, drain the water from the noodles and put the noodles back into the pot. If needed at a lid to the pot to keep the noodles warm, until the sauce is ready.

Once the sauce is at a consistency you like, you can remove it and pour over your cooked macaroni noodles. If your noodles are not 'al dente' yet and are still boiling, place a lid over the cheese sauce, while you wait for it to cook, to keep it hot until your macaroni is ready.

Alternative additions to the sauce.

Cheese and Onion - This requires you to add raw finely diced onion to the cheese sauce once made.

Cheese and Bacon - This requires you to add cooked diced bacon pieces to the cheese sauce once made.

Three Cheese macaroni - This requires you to use a mixture of Parmesan, Swiss and Cheddar cheeses to make up the 250 grams of cheese needed for the recipe.

I have seen so many varieties and spin off's for this dish. I would love to know if you eat it and if so, what is your favorite flavour.
Such a fabulous comfort food!
April 4th, 2020  
I think I’d like the cheese and bacon the best! I hope your cheese macaroni didn’t get cold while you were taking your photos!
April 4th, 2020  
@jb030958 Thankfully no it did not. I managed to eat it while it was still quite warm
April 4th, 2020  
What time is it there right now?
April 4th, 2020  
@jb030958 1.04am 5/4/2020
April 4th, 2020  
Wonderful food, I love a strong cheese flavour with bacon and green herbs sprinkled on top.
April 4th, 2020  
So you are roughly 16 hours ahead of NY. I am usually sound asleep at 1:04 am! You must be a night owl. :)
April 4th, 2020  
@jb030958 We are actually 14 hours ahead of NY. But yes I am and always have been a night owl :)
April 5th, 2020  
Looks yummy and a great comfort in times of need .
April 5th, 2020  
Aha, ok now I know!
April 5th, 2020  
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