For Lease by kjarn

For Lease

Atul is looking good with all his extra facial hair
January 22nd, 2022  
January 23rd, 2022  
Ha ha naughty people
January 23rd, 2022  
LOL! Well, if you're going public - expect some critical input.
January 23rd, 2022  
@marlboromaam we have these signs outside every house/unit that is for rent, sometimes some streets are covered in them, but I don't think I've ever seen one scribbled on before
January 23rd, 2022  
Oh this is rather hilarious, hope he saw it and replaced it ;-)
January 23rd, 2022  
@ludwigsdiana LOL! Around here, it's like asking for this. Some people just love to deface everything - good or bad.
January 23rd, 2022  
Ha ha!
January 23rd, 2022  
What fun! Someone has been enjoying themselves.

January 23rd, 2022  
Oh my.
January 24th, 2022  
I hope Atul isn’t insulted by this
January 25th, 2022  
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