Frankston  by kjarn


This tree looked great amongst the grey, wet and windy weather.
Lovely silhouette
January 29th, 2012  
lovely. The b&w gives it the right touch.
January 29th, 2012  
I love everything about this photo: the silhouette effect, the way your eye goes up the trunk to the spread of the branches, with a brief halt to admire the little branch at the trunk juncture. I did find the sun glare a bit distracting and wonder what it would do to the image if you were to increase the contrast.

Love your Jan. 24 tree posting as well. In fact, have really enjoyed going through all your holiday album postings!

I want to thank you for going through so many of my own photos and taking all that time to comment on them. That means an awful lot to me. It's prompted me to look back through your earlier postings; you have a good eye, Amiga!
July 26th, 2015  
@aikimomm thank you so much Phoebe. I also found that sun glare a bit distracting but don't know much about editing so had no idea it could be altered.

The pleasure is all mine, I love your work and I just wish I had more time to look at your photos more often.

July 27th, 2015  
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