44/365 by kriskashtanova


I created today’s image inspired by my childhood.
I was born in a small village in North Caucasus surrounded by mountains, forests, and rivers. I loved nature and freedom during childhood. When I was young, I didn’t have many friends but spent a lot of time reading books I borrowed in the library. I loved reading about big cities and always dreamed of living in one.
I was fortunate to live in Moscow, London, and New York in the past 20 years of my life. I left my North Caucasus when I was 16 years old to study. I miss nature, wilderness, and moments of connection within it brings, but I appreciate all the wonderful people I met living in cities.
I’ll return to Cinema4d soon. Today it’s just Photoshop. I took a mental health day, and editing in Photoshop is very relaxing for me, a bit like meditation. I turn on good music and immerse myself in the world I’m making.
I’d love to hear what book you’re reading now if you have time to talk about it. I’m starting a book called “Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It” by Roman Krznaric. I love books that make me a better human; most books are.
This is epic Kris. I'm really taken by it. As for a book, I'm in lockdown at the moment so I'm reading a bit of mindless entertainment called Today I F****d Up by Thomas Mitchell. It just reminds that life could be worse. Good on you for taking a mental health day. Sometimes a timeout from everything is just what we need to reset our minds.
September 1st, 2021  
@galactica Thank you, Christine, sorry to hear you're in lockdown.
I haven't heard of this book you mentioned. I'll check it out. I need to do some books shopping to boost my mood.
I realized this is an old version of my image. I changed it (the perspective was a bit off with the cars). Here's the fixed version of it, if you're curious. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTREKybsUBf/
September 1st, 2021  
really well done
September 1st, 2021  
Fascinating and eye catching shot
September 1st, 2021  
@kriskashtanova Yes I see what you mean with the instagram image Kris. I find your work entrancing; there's always something new to discover when I revisit the images. Love them.
September 2nd, 2021  
super clever
September 5th, 2021  
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