2/365 by kriskashtanova


Every morning when I open my eyes I see this window. My room is below the ground level, so the sun never reaches this window. It’s usually dark in my room. Today I felt like exploring what I can create with it.
I met several kind people recently and their light so deeply moved me. I feel ten time more energy and practically bouncing of the walls because I feel good about this world. Being around so much light and kindness made me believe that everything will be fine, we’ll overcome the pandemic, climate change, inequality and self doubt. I feel hopeful and work on being part of contributing as much as I can. So I created images to express this feeling of something good touching my heart and giving hope and encouragement. I included a phone photo of my window how it looks (you can see my fav poster of Van Gogh and a chess board, I play chess with my grandmother’s boyfriend via emails, I am pretty bad but it connects me with him and her memory). Hope you all have a good day and are surrounded by good people 💛 this is my 365 project of a photo a day I started yesterday. I guess, sometimes it will be a series.
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