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January 2017: It's 2017 and I'm back for another year!

January 2015: Whew! I've made it a whole 365 days! I have had too much fun here to leave, so I will continue... although my own rules will change and I will not (no, really, I won't!) feel compelled to take a photo every day. I want to continue to participate in themes and competitions and try new things including the exciting new "New Technique of the Month Club" and maybe eventually the get-pushed challenges. I may take a short break but I will be back very soon, I'm sure!

Thank you to all of you who inspire me daily with your incredible images - I am in awe of your talents and dedication and your willingness to take the time to explain how you do the wonderful things you do. And I am grateful for the time you spend to visit and comment on my photos. This is an amazing community.

Previous profile:
Now that I'm half way through my first 365 Project, it's time to update my profile. I love this community: so supportive and inspiring! I often don't have much time to devote to taking a *good* photo, but I've been encouraged by others to try new things and learn new techniques. I have certainly learned how to adjust the settings on my camera more quickly and confidently! I'm not sure I've found a "style" yet (maybe I never will) but I have settled into a few favorite types of photography, macro and abstract being the most commonly posted here. Favorite subjects: trees and flowers (which is what's in my backyard, where I spend a lot of my time).

And after nine months, with my first Popular Page photo, I will include the link to Alexis Birkill's handy script so I can "keep track". :)

Original profile:
I've never tried taking a photo every day before. My hope is that this project helps me to look at my surroundings in a new way and better "see the shot". I think it might also give me an excuse to experiment and try new subjects and techniques!