A Lap of Orange by kuva

A Lap of Orange

As promised, Merle got his chance at the spotlight today. :)

This is his favorite place to be - on a warm lap. We even got him a heated bed so our laps (and laptops) could have a break from his desire for heated places to sleep. He likes his heated bed, but still prefers the real thing.
Awww, Merle! This is very sweet!
March 14th, 2023  
Just adorable!
March 14th, 2023  
well done gathering that much orange
March 14th, 2023  
A heated bed! Oh, how we spoil our pets.
March 14th, 2023  
Awww so sweet!
March 14th, 2023  
Well done on the color and nice perspective on the photo
March 14th, 2023  
Great collection of oranges!
March 15th, 2023  
Merle is lovely. He’s lucky he’s orange.
March 15th, 2023  
Aah what a spoiled cutie 😄
March 15th, 2023  
Great shot!
March 15th, 2023  
I love him! I also like all of your orange today.
March 15th, 2023  
Awww, I love kitty lap snuggles. I have a Chilipad on my bed that Snowy loves. He claims a corner every night.
March 15th, 2023  
awwwww one can understand why he likes the real thing :)
March 15th, 2023  
Merle is perfect for orange. So much orange in this shot! I love that chair!
March 16th, 2023  
@kchuk Thank you! He is sweet. :)
@sunnygirl Thank you!
@kali66 Thank you - it was tough; but I found quite a bit of orange accessories to make up for my lack of orange clothing.
@cdcook48 We sure do! Merle lived outside as far as we know for most of his life before our house, so I figure he's ready to be spoiled a little.
@radiogirl :) He is a sweetheart.
@corinnec Thank you. The perspective was forced a bit by using the floor as my orange background here. Haha.
@kjarn Thank you! I ran around and found every orange-ish item I could find.
@nannasgotitgoingon Haha. Yes. Our other cat is black so she doesn't fit into rainbow month as well! Haha.
@boxplayer He definitely is. But he was a barn cat for the first 12 years of his life, so we decided he deserves to be spoiled now in retirement.
@paintdipper Thank you!
@willamartin I'm sure he would love you too if you were willing to have him on your lap!
@careymartin Interesting - does the Chilipad get hot too? Or just cool? Our cats would probably enjoy that in the summer.
@phil_howcroft He's a traditionalist. ;)
@pamalama Thank you! We have 4 of these chairs from Brooks' grandmother. They don't fit under our dinning table, but we like them anyway!
March 18th, 2023  
@kuva The Chilipad goes from 55* up to 118*. AMAZING all year round. https://sleep.me/sleep-systems
March 18th, 2023  
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