2013 06 18 Access Prohibited by kwiksilver

2013 06 18 Access Prohibited

The old jetty in The Strand - officially "unused", except as a diving platform by local kids. There is a "group of interested persons" trying to get it restored - they've been trying for many years with no success.

And, so much for my next Winter Wonderland shot! I was halfway down the road tonight when it started raining! I took a few shots from the safety of my car, but most were blurred and iccky.

Luckily I had taken a few random shots earlier in the day. ALL and ANY advice on this shot would be much appreciated - especially re composition. I have stared at it for so long by now, trying different crops, that I'm seeing lines and shadows where there aren't any! I'll have to revisit in not quite such bright sunlight!
I actually love this and to be honest wouldn't change it at all!! I love the depth in it with the eye being drawn right to the end, looks like it stretches away from you. The shadows and light are really lovely and add texture and interest. I think if you cropped it you would lose a lot of the picture and nice details such as the rust on the fencing. I also find it tells a story, abandoned jetty, unloved and neglected.
Really fantastic job in my very humble, novice opinion! Fav :)
June 18th, 2013  
I'm another novice who thinks it's wonderful. What she said... and I love the triangular place where the fence has fallen away showing the water and horizon more clearly and darker. Favorite for me too.
June 18th, 2013  
@andrina @mcsiegle Oh wow Andrina - oh wow Mary!!! Thank you both so much! Certainly not the response I was expecting - but I'm thrilled with your comments AND favs!
June 18th, 2013  
@mcsiegle I found that part really interesting too. Certainly adds to the image. @kwiksilver
June 18th, 2013  
I think you will be able to easily identify what a good picture is. I like the shadows from the pilings and fences here. I look on PP and try to learn what's good.
June 19th, 2013  
I love the lines. I am drawn to the end of the structure. Very interesting.
June 19th, 2013  
It has great lines - and I think the shadows work well & add a lot of texture to it. My tendency with converging lines is to put the point of convergence slap bang in the middle of the picture, but I'm not sure how this would work with the broken fence - which is a cool feature.
Out of interest, did you shoot any in portrait? I also would be interested to see it at a much wider angle if there is clear water at either side.
June 19th, 2013  
I like it as is. I don't think I would really change anything. Like Humphrey Hippo I also wondered whether you tried shooting in portrait as opposed to landscape.
June 19th, 2013  
for what it's worth I also think it is a great shot
June 19th, 2013  
@humphreyhippo @salza Thank you both very much for your comments and suggestions on my shot of the broken jetty. I'll be sure to try a few portraits.
June 20th, 2013  
@joanbasson Thanks, Joan :)
June 20th, 2013  
Lines and lines and lines and lines - love it!
June 22nd, 2013  
I like when people ask for advice, because I'm always itching to mention something that could be better. I'm stumped on this one; it's great as is. All the lines going in different directions keep the viewer's eye moving around, and your POV is excellent.

OK, one thing; I would play with the saturation or white balance a little to make it "warmer". Right now it is cold, and personally I'm thinking "Oh, an old jetty that needs to be torn down". If you want the viewer to feel "oh, an old jetty that is worth restoring", I think it needs to be warmer.
June 24th, 2013  
@danielwsc Thank you, Daniel, very belatedly, for your comments on my dilapidated jetty shot. I'll certainly keep your suggestion in mind when next I'm back there!
June 25th, 2013  
This has great lines and lots of good light.... good advice from Daniel...I wouldn't have thought of it, but sounds good.
June 26th, 2013  
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