2013 08 17 Low Tide Tranquility by kwiksilver

2013 08 17 Low Tide Tranquility

Another bitterly cold and wet day but I was rewarded with this tranquil and welcoming scene on my way home this evening. I loved the warm glow from the lights and reflections on the beach and was reminded again of why I have chosen to live where I do.

For me the tranquility of the scene was in direct contrast to the stormy weather and huge seas we've been having, making it all the more special.

Any suggestions or criticism would be gratefully received. Something about the composition bothers me - maybe all that sea at the bottom? And maybe I shouldn't have tried quite so long an exposure?
August 18th, 2013  
Stunning -- the layers are so smooth, and the whole scene is just dreamy.
August 18th, 2013  
Fav. I just love this scene.
August 18th, 2013  
The reflections of the lights is fab. I really like it and it does appear quite tranquil and no indication of the stormy weather around! I also think the shot is quite well balanced.
August 18th, 2013  
Luuv the reflections
August 18th, 2013  
Stunning night shot Gillian....the reflections of the harbour lights look great.
August 18th, 2013  
I love the tones in this, especially over the back.
Compositionally, I like the bands of sea, town, and mountains.
I do wonder if cropping a bit off the bottom would give more attention to that lovely snake of reflections across the beach.
August 18th, 2013  
I love the mist over the mountain contrasting with the beautiful orange lights. I think you have said it yourslef though Gillian and I agree with @humphreyhippo. If you crop the bottom up to the point the lights start to wind up to the houses, it really leads your eye in and focuses on the lovely reflections. Having said that, I actually like the foreground. Makes me feel I am standing way back contemplating a lovely wander across the beach to the houses!!
August 18th, 2013  
A really beautiful night/city/beach/reflection/lights scene. The mountain looming in the background is a treat! And just that hint of light in the sky is awesome. FAV
August 19th, 2013  
Just saw you're on the Popular Page. :D
August 19th, 2013  
Viewed large it's terrific. I love the light flares and the reflections - the whole scene is just magical. Fav!
August 19th, 2013  
instant fav
August 19th, 2013  
Congrats on PP! I thought I had fav'd - have rectified that one. :-)
August 20th, 2013  
Wow what a superb photo --- perfect :-)
August 21st, 2013  
Another fav - you've been on a roll! Hard to think of this as the same place as the lashing rain.
August 25th, 2013  
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