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It's 2019! I've been here off and on since I believe 2013, but I'm on a different email and account since then. My wonderful parents bought me a Nikon D750 for Christmas, so this year I'm upgraded to a full frame camera for the project! Well, unless I've just got my iPhone handy and can get a decent picture with that. Most of my photography is based around my kids, hiking adventures, or just random textures that catch my eye. I'm trying to branch out more and see more. When I spot a scene I like, I immediately start seeing if I can spot an angle or a position that it would be even more interesting from.

Some random things to know about me: I'm a mom to two kids. I upgraded from the cat lover to the crazy cat lady package last year (three kitties run my household now). I love to hike and am not afraid to get a little wet or climb around to get the shot I want. I hate the cold, so the start of the project is always a challenge since I don't like getting outdoors. I can laugh at just about anything, so don't be surprised if the occasional goofy or nonsense photo ends up in my project!