64 Million Artists - Friday Challenge.

We're all on auto pilot all of the time. Sometimes we get to where we were going without even remembering how we got there. Today, choose a different route. Go a different way to the way you normally go. Look up instead of looking down. See if you can catch someone's eye. Document it if you like, or just notice what happens.
"We're looking forward to seeing what you notice. A new building or a new street sign? Someone you always pass but have never looked at their face? Maybe capture your findings in some writing or photographs. Or just enjoy the ride... "
Great shot
posted May 1st, 2016  
@bkbinthecity Thanks bkb.
posted May 1st, 2016  
Great commentary with this shot.
posted May 2nd, 2016  
Great pov.
posted May 3rd, 2016  
Hi Laura. We're together for get-pushed this week. Could you take at least four photos over the course of a day and then make a collage of your day?
posted May 9th, 2016  
@rachelwithey Thanks Rachel - I will do my best.
posted May 10th, 2016  
@farmreporter @tremerryn Thank You Wendy & Tremerryn.
posted May 10th, 2016  
I actually have 5 different ways to go to work and am always mixing it up. It is fun to try a new route somewhere.
posted May 13th, 2016  
good street photo; it is nice to try new ways.
posted May 14th, 2016  
very artsy!
posted May 15th, 2016  
@hjbenson @nicoleterheide Thank You Harry & Nicole.
posted May 16th, 2016  
Hi Laura. My Get Pushed challenge to you this week is to take a forced perspective photo! Hope you have fun with this!
posted May 16th, 2016  
@dishaparekh176 Thanks Disha. Thought I had replied to you.
posted May 18th, 2016  
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