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I've been interested in Photography for a long time - even took a couple of classes at the local college. But I got out of practice because of life circumstances but things have calmed down now and I want to get my skills back.

I'm a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 7 so I do have a lot of subjects to work with. I am originally from the country outside of Pittsburgh, PA and after a 12 year stint in the San Francisco bay area - we arrived in the Mid-west farm country a few miles from the Mississippi River.

I love to read - I read 8 - 10 books a month. I'm also an avid quilter and I occasionally enjoy writing.

My first SRL was a Pentax K1000 - totally manual Now I'm using a Cannon Rebel Digital. I'm not sure I will ever learn everything the camera will do but I'm going to work on it. Hubby just gave me a Nikon CoolPix camera for Christmas to keep in my purse. It doesn't do what my Cannon Rebel does, but it has some great features too, and I don't always want to carry the big camera bag and all the accessories.

My Blogs are
The World According to Maiden Fair - http://maidenfaire.blogspot.com

The World According to Maiden Fair 1 - http://www.thefairkingdom.com/journal3

Maiden Fair's Word of the Dat - http://maidenwordaday.blogspot.com/